Everything about Sending Belated Notes of Sympathy


People who somehow failed to attend the funeral often skip sending the sympathy notes because most of the time they feel that it is too late. What they forget to realize is that it is never too late when it comes to console someone. Also, the bereaved person does not stop grieving over the person right after the funerals. So whenever you feel bad for not attending a funeral, just write a belated sympathy note.

What to Write In This Note?

There can be several reasons for not attending a funeral. Maybe, you were out of the station, or you got the news late or some other reason. The reason of late is not the actual matter of this note, so keep it in brief.

You need to focus more on the fact that you are regretting and asking for an apology as you could not offer your presence on the day of funeral. Also give more emphasis on the fact that you are by their side and they can ask for help to you without any reluctance. So, begin with the apology and state why you are late, at the start. Extending this matter will look very odd.

Your sympathy note needs to include some memories of the deceased person with you, followed by a plan of visiting the family members of the person soon. The personal memories you will write in the note, will help the family members to understand that you still remember the person.

You can write the belated sympathy note in your own style, but keeping it simple will be appreciable. Do not extend the subject matter of the sympathy note unnecessarily.

Why is it necessary?

After a person passes away, it becomes important to support their near and dear ones. However, our busy schedule does not often allow us to be by their side, right at the moment of the funeral, even though we are willing to. Keeping this in mind, a belated note of sympathy will show that you are actually regretting for not attending the funerals. Also, the bereaved persons will get the impression that you are remembering the person. The main purpose of it is to inform the family members of the person that you are sorry for not being able to be a part of his or her funeral.

When Can You Send It?

You need to remember that belated sympathy notes are to be sent on a sooner basis. Whenever you realize that you will not be able to attend the funerals, just write the note. There are no hard and fast rules regarding this. You can write the note according to your time.

It is possible that a person passed away two or more months before, and you got the news yesterday. You can write the sympathy note mentioning this right then. Don't worry! It will not look bad at all, and it will not be considered too late as well, rather, the grieving people will appreciate your note.

What do you need to include in it?

A belated sympathy note can be a simple note or a card or a note with a sympathy gift. However, the bereaved person will value each of these equally. As a gift, you can include anything meaningful or related to the deceased person.

How to send it?

It will be better to post the note or the card. Alternatively, you can mail this. Sending it in a personal message is not at all acceptable, but if you do not have much time, you can do this as well.

So, here is everything about the belated sympathy notes. It really does not matter if you are late - you remembered that is more important. A sympathy message will console the grieving person even though it is late. So do not think too much, make the relations easy-going with these simple notes.