Know the Simple Tips to Write Funeral Thank You Notes


The grieving people are often confused about sending the thank you notes after the funerals. It is the responsibility of the family members of the deceased person to thank those who were by their side till the funerals and also to those who sent sympathy notes or food or flower or any donation during the mourning period.

Ideal Time to Send the Thank You Notes

The right time of sending thank you notes is a bit confusing for some people. But the fact is, you don't have a strict deadline for this. Sometimes it becomes difficult to write thank you notes because you are still grieving for the deceased person. That is completely natural and everyone will understand this. There is no such rule to write the thank you notes right after the funerals or something like this. You can take 2-3 weeks after the funeral. Try to send within one month.

Actually, it is never too late to appreciate someone for their help. So if you don't want to send thank you notes after the funerals and after two or more months you realize that you should thank them, you can do that too.

Whom to Send?

It is an obvious question among the senders. You can thank everyone who attended the funerals, but that may be a bit difficult because over a hundred may attend the funerals. So, you may opt for sending a thank you message to each family.

If that becomes too difficult, you can be selective. Include those who are extremely busy yet attend the funerals. Also, include those who send flowers or any gift or food. Don't forget to thank those who helped you during the time of sickness of the deceased person either by babysitting or by lending their cars or anything else. Also, thank the clergy, musicians and the pallbearers.

It will not look bad if you are this much selective because thanking is up to your decision. If you think that people who shared their condolences only, does not deserve your thanks, you can simply skip them.

What to Write?

It is the next and probably the most confusing part. The first tip is to keep it short and simple. The length of this will not be more than 2-3 sentences. Just mention that you appreciate their presence as well as their contributions in the funeral services.

If you are late in sending the thank you note (2-3 months), you can start with an apology for the delay. Then go on thanking them for their help. Also, mention that their contribution meant a lot to you at that time. You can thank them for their prayers and blessings for the deceased person too. Do not forget to acknowledge the gifts or cards or meals you received from that person.

How to Send?

You can purchase the blank sympathy cards and write your message in it. Alternatively, you can use the sympathy cards as well. Handing over this note in person is always a good choice. If you are uncomfortable in doing so, you can mail this too. Do not forget to include a plan of a meeting if you are mailing this note.

A thank you note is a way of showing respect to those who remembered you and supported you by offering their presence in the funeral services. By the thank you note, you will mean that their sympathy notes or gifts or food or the donation are greatly valued. It also means that you do not forget their contribution after the funerals.